Your safety comes first About GES

Golden Eagle Security, also known as GES is a premiere licensed private security solutions and services company since 2016 moreover the most trusted and fastest growing in the state of Qatar
We are more than just a service provider; we are your security solutions partner. We know what it takes to keep you, your people, and your business safe and secure. Hence, our existence provides valuable support in delivering impeccable customer service whilst providing cost effective, professional and comprehensive security solutions that you and your company deserve.

Our Vision

Golden eagle security has a sharp and strong focal vision regarding its sustainable future, we have a wide range existence as the premier trend setter for security brands, we endeavour to have the largest business networks, and be one of the most coveted employer to work with in the state of Qatar.

Our Mission

Golden Eagle Security has it all, its vigor workforce, leadership expertise, vast resources, and sharp risk based strategic thinking are all focused to identify prospective clientele in the open market. We listen attentively to capture their needs and expectations in order for us to fully understand the required bespoke innovative solutions in safe-guarding and protecting their people, properties, assets and information to their total satisfaction.

Our Value

which includes all values and principles that guide our employees when undertaking their work.We are responsible to our customers, to our employees and their families. Our employees are the most valued asset of our company as the key to fulfil our mission.We believe that the quality, motivation and performance of our are essential in achieving our success. Accordingly, our Human Resources policies and practices are built on:

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